Other testing:

In addition to the more standard DNA tests that we offer, we are also able to work with you on more complicated biological relationship testing e.g. in cases with dealing with deceased individuals and in cases of disputed inheritances, for example. 

We can arrange collection of samples from the recently deceased and can often work on other consented biological specimens too e.g. paraffin embedded tissues and blood samples.  More often than not these cases require an in-depth discussion with one of our lead scientists to discuss the testing options and the best way forward for the family concerned.  So please contact us should you have any cases -  we may be able to help.

As the dadcheck® is a service of Complement Genomics Ltd, an established genetic testing company working with clinical trial organisations and many University research departments, we are able to offer many other types of genetic tests.  These include the analysis of mitochondrial DNA (often used in genealogy studies) and other genes of interest, too.

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If you have any general queries regarding genetic testing then please feel free to contact us on the numbers shown at the top of this page and ask to speak with one of our scientists.

Alternatively, you can also find out more by visiting our sister web-site at Complement Genomics Ltd.