dadcheck® Paternity Test

A dadcheck® paternity test allows you to determine with confidence, whether a tested man is indeed the true biological father of a child.  A typical DNA test will involve a ‘trio’ that is: the child, the child’s mother and the potential father.

DNA Paternity test image

The dadcheck® service offers two types of paternity test:


If you require a test whose results will be accepted by the courts; can be used to change any legal documentation such as a birth certificate or for presentation to the CSA in the case of disputed paternity, then you will need an ACCREDITED TEST.  For such tests the mother MUST participate in the testing procedure and all parties must have their samples taken by an independent 3rd party, e.g. someone who is unrelated to the people taking part in the test and someone who will not benefit either financially or emotionally from the results of the test.

Prices for an accredited DNA test start from £349 inc. VAT 


DNA tests can be performed without the mother of the tested child being involved and also you can take the samples yourselves in the comfort of your own home (classed as a NON-ACCREDITED TEST).  Tests performed without the mother being involved are less conclusive and for this reason we strongly recommend that the mother takes part in the testing regardless.  Please be aware that it is also highly likely that test results based on testing the alleged father and child alone will not be accepted by the courts and other organisations, e.g. registrar’s offices for changing birth certificates.

Prices for a non-accredited DNA test start from £229 inc. VAT

For more information and advice regarding the two different tests i.e. accredited versus non-accredited, please feel free to contact us by either telephone by calling one of the numbers above or e-mail us at  We would be pleased to help.