Not sure which DNA test will answer your client's question?

The dadcheck® DNA testing laboratories offer a comprehensive range of DNA tests that can be used to answer many different questions with respect to biological relationships.

  relationship testing DNA tests for family

We can apply DNA fingerprinting/DNA profiling technology to a number of different scenarios, which can include but are not limited to, ascertaining whether:

i) a particular man is the biological father of a child,

 ii) two people are related to each other as full siblings (brother/sister) or as half-siblings e.g. in cases of tracing long-lost relatives or in cases of inheritance disputes

iii) a tested female is the true biological mother of a child e.g. for adopted individuals who think they may have traced their biological mother or for cases involving immigration.

iv) an individual e.g. potential uncle or potential grandparent, for example is related to a child in cases where the alleged father is unavailable for testing e.g. where the alleged father is deceased or indeed his whereabouts are unknown

If you are not sure which test would apply to your client's particular scenario, then please call us.  Our award-winning staff will help you chose the best and most appropriate testing option if one is available.